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Almendras Martín

The faithful commitment to our customers speaks on our behalf

Almendras Martín S.L.U is a company dedicated to the nut market. As agents, we have more than 10 years’ experience in the sector and, thanks to our long career, we offer an exceptional knowledge of the market.

Although we are specialized in almonds, we may offer a wide variety of other nuts, nut-based processed products and dried fruits, both organic and conventional.

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Effort and Commitment

Almendras Martín S.L.U was founded in 2019 by Antonio Pérez Martín. In barely one year and in difficult times where a pandemic weighed heavily on the world, it managed to grow exponentially.

Before Almendras Martín, Antonio was already dedicated to the nuts world. Specialized above all in almonds, he managed the purchases in one of the leading companies in the market. In just a few years and thanks to his work, effort and commitment, he achieved to become assistant manager, continuing with his learning and forging very close relationships with farmers and shellers. It was at that time of change when, additionally he began to advise the farmers about possible new plantations and the best yield of these.

After more than 10 years in the sector, with his imperative need to continue growing, he founded Almendras Martín to offer his extensive knowledge of almonds and the desire to provide the best advice and direct and personalized attention.

Nowadays the relationship with farmers is so close that he weekly analyzes with them the market evolution and the almond sale prospects.

Being a benchmark at a national and European level, continuing to strengthen national and international relationships, learning from new formats and new ways of working almonds are objectives that remain latent every day in the work philosophy of Almendras Martín, which is located in a strategic region where almond cultivation has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years.

Organization Chart

  • Management / Head of Purchasing
    apm@almendrasmartin.com +34 636 27 81 76
    • International Sales Manager
    • Administration
    • National Sales